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Learn to Cook from the Cooking Dude!

Learn to cook, or learn to cook better with online cooking lessons from the Cooking Dude! Whether you are a novice or an expert, there are recipes and cooking tips on this site for you! Experienced cooks looking for new methods and recipes will be delighted with some of the dishes and recipes presented here.

For starters, here's my favorite appetizer, and they are great while watching games on TV and having a cold one. These Jalapeno Peanut Butter Boats are spicy, but not nearly as hot as jalapenos are normally. The preparation plus the peanut butter just lets the sweet jalapeno flavor through, and many people who have never even eaten a jalapeno enjoy these. See the recipe here.

Jalapeno Peanut Butter Boats Appetizer

I've got some e-Books that I think you will find useful and convenient. I will be adding more books on a fairly regular schedule. They are available from Amazon in their Kindle Bookstore -- just click on the photos of the book covers below. If you don't have a Kindle, it's OK. Just download the free Kindle Reader for your Android, iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, or whatever device you have. If put the books on your phone, like I do, so much the better. You'll have the recipes with you, so when you shop you can immediately find the ingredients you need!

Lots of the contents come from this web site, but it's in a more convenient form. There are usually also some new recipes that are not on the site.

One of the most popular books is "Learn to Cook 101", which is for someone (of nearly any age) to whom the kitchen is foreign territory. In 20 lessons, you'll go from boiling water to make hard boiled eggs and pasta to being able to fix a family feast for a holiday. For only $2.99 it is also a great affordable gift idea! Also, if you would like to build a small aquaponic system, my "Tabletop Aquaponics" book is for you! Learn about aquaponics while having fresh herbs and veggies every day. And let the plants take care of the aquarium so you never have to change stinking water! This book is consistently one of my best-sellers!

Wolfgang Puck has a great invention called the Pressure Oven. It cooks in less time, but unliike the microwave or pressure cooker, it's a real oven and browns the food beautifully. It bakes, roasts, toasts, and broils using much less time and energy. My book also has tips on using the oven. It is not intended to replace the books that come with the oven, but to add to its usefulness and your enjoyment. If you don't already have a pressure oven order one here.

     Tabletop Aquaponics Book Link                            Learn to Cook 101 Cookbook Link

Click on the books to go to Amazon to buy or review a book. If you buy a book, thank you very much. If you review it, thanks even more!

Baseball season is here, and you need to feed your fans hot wings, cheeseburgers, and chili. For a quick, delicious batch, make Cindy's Chili, down at the bottom of the chili page. One of you out there already got a blue ribbon at your chili cook-off using Cindy's recipe!

I also have a lot of varieties of hot dogs. You are bound to find at least one to try for the first time. Or try a new one every few days, if you love dogs the way I do. You'll see how to make New York dogs, Chicago dogs, Cincinnati dogs, Mexican Dogs, and more!

Another huge Cooking Dude favorite is pulled pork. Always one of the most-visited pages. For several ways to fix it, check out Pork Shoulder Roast, Indoor Country Ribs, and Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

Here at Cooking Dude you'll have fun cooking a lot of exciting recipes, some new, some classic.

If you're a beginner, you'll learn more than just kitchen survival. You will discover that you can have fun cooking really good food for you, your family, and your guests. So even if you've just discovered your new apartment has a kitchen, the Cooking Dude will show you the way. One way is to get my new book "Learn to Cook 101" above. But there are still ways to learn right here on the site.

Go to my Tutorial section to begin your cooking lessons. Each lesson is easy to follow, and will give you another set of cooking methods to use in the future. I'm adding new lessons all the time, so I'll try to stay ahead of you!

If you're new to cooking, by using the books and the tutorials and recipes on this site, you will be treating yourself to much better food than takeout...and more fun...and cheaper! You'll impress yourself, your dates, your boss, and your relatives.

Cooking Dude will teach you the basic skills, so you won't always need a recipe. You'll learn to scope out the fridge and invent a meal using the stuff you find in there.

And Cooking Dude is not just one type of food expert; you'll see examples of Chinese, Mexican, Greek, French, good old American, and more. Like Russian, Italian, and Thai.

We're going to cover appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, veggies, main courses, and desserts. You'll learn how to make great French fries, steaks, hot wings, egg flower soup, enchiladas, and tacos. Yes, you can even make the Easy Beef Stew shown in the photo!

Soon you will know what to buy, how to fix it, and how to serve it, whether you're having friends over for a football party or a romantic date. Need to have the boss over for dinner? No sweat.

Kitchen Design

Cooking Dude has been working with a noted Southern California interior designer (my wife) to help design kitchens for her clients. Please visit for more information

What about pots and pans? And spices? Knives and tools and dishes? You say I'm poor, man. Well, yes, but you'll need these things. Some things you can scrounge from friends and relatives, but those that you need to buy we'll list for you in priority order. Meaning that you'll stretch the bucks you've got by not buying things you don't need, and by not buying expensive luxury items until you can afford them. You will be surprised at the things you can make with simple tools and ordinary ingredients.

We also cover kitchen safety. Maiming yourself and burning down the building do not enhance the cooking experience.

So let's have a good time. Become a Fearless Cook and enjoy the delicious creative process!

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